GrowthCLUB is a once-a-quarter workshop that makes creating tactical plans for your business both educational and fun. With the one-day planning session every quarter, along with monthly meetings to help you stay on course, you can build your business for success.

90 Day Growth Club Workshop

Date: Quarterly, check for next date and time in the events area on our FB page

MSI Action Group Team will be speaking on the following topics:

• A key learning focus for each 90-day planning to support continuous learning
• Assess and reflect on the last 90 days and celebrate successes and achievements
• Review business best practice strategies to determine what to work on next quarter
• Create the next 90-day Top 15 Action Plan
• Mastermind afternoon, for existing clients only, focused on one key business challenge or growth area to brainstorm with other clients and the MSI Action Group team

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