I often get asked how I keep my busy life under control. I chuckle for a few minutes and then I pause to think about it. Some of my skills are from my mother, who passed away recently. She was the core of the family and organized everything in the family from meals to the home to our appointments to all our activities. She also organized and kept my dad on track. Growing up she was a great mentor and I thank her for that as I have carried all those skills into my life, my family and my career.
But some of the skills are also attributed to personality and behaviours that are learned. I learned that if I plan every day what I wanted to achieve and in what order and did the same for weeks and months etc. Things stay organized, under control and get done! Even when life threw me a curve ball, because I had everything in a calendar and on a to-do list I could fit it in.
You may be thinking “wow that is so structured, where is the fun?” Well believe it or not, by doing this I actually have more time to fit other things in, even at the last minute, because I can see my schedule.
I really put this to the test when I went back to university for my MBA, completing that while I was running my consulting business and we started our family. My husband and I must have been a bit crazy but we made it happen! It taught me a valuable lesson that if I focus in each section of time, I can get a lot done.
It was put to the test again as my parents started to age, wow my children are in university and just finishing high school and we were just heading toward empty nesters. With my parent’s rising needs I had to schedule appointments and time with them to help them out. Thank goodness for planning and organizational skills!
These same skills are also key in my business and working with my awesome team at Business Edge Coaching. We all know how important planning is for our clients and ourselves. If I had one recommendation to others is — Learn the skills of planning and organizing and focusing as it will help you in all facets in your life.
I am planning for success! I hope you are too.

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