Success in business and life is based on 4 key factors. The first — “WHY”– I discussed in the last issue. Today I will discuss the second key factor, VISION…..
Once you have established WHY you are doing what you are doing, you need to develop the VISION of the future you desire. Without this critical key factor, many people fail to develop and reach their goals and dreams. Often people don’t allow themselves to dream and set future goals, afraid that they won’t come true. Or someone told them that they shouldn’t set themselves up for failure. What are you missing? Why are you allowing others to stop you? Wouldn’t it be a shame to sacrifice your potential for others? ….. think of the potential …….
So let’s take some time now to design, document and illustrate what that VISION is. So you know when you get there. So you know what it looks like when you are successful.
A VISION is like a floor plan and layout for a house you want to build. It illustrates the details of what you want your future to be and what it looks like. What do you think a house would look like if you didn’t plan it out and create a floor plan to build it. Do you think it would end up the way you wanted? Likely not …..
So let’s get started ….. You need to create a VISION for you, personally, and a VISION for your career, business or professional development. The two VISIONS help give you focus, direction and commitment to where you want to go. Your VISION must align and support your WHY, creating synergy.
Let start with your personal VISION. The first step to develop your personal VISION is to envision yourself at that point in your life – 10 years, 20 years or 30 years down the road. Sit in a comfortable chair, lean back and close your eyes. Think about all the aspects of your life. Be very detailed.
Think about who is in your life – kids, significant others, friends, family, pets
Think about what is in your life – house, vacation home, where you live, how many places where you spend time, what toys you have, what vehicles you own
Think about the details of all these things, adding colours, sounds, smells, pictures, place settings, numbers, DETAILS!
The more detailed your VISION the stronger its impact on your focus, success and direction. Let yourself dream, let yourself drift to the full extent of your desire and imagination. One of my favourite mentors said “we are the limits to our imagination” “we only dream to the level that we allow ourselves” SO let yourself go!
Once you have been through this session once or twice and you have some clarity, it is time to create a dream board. You can do this with a large sheet of paper or a scrap book. A dream board or book is where you document your VISION – statements, phrases, emotions and pictures that represent your dream. Be as detailed as possible. Have FUN!.
For example, if you want a house – how many square feet; how many rooms; how many bathrooms; a bungalow or multi-story; how many cars in the garage; what colours you want; what fabrics, flooring, tile, paints, finishings are there; what does the kitchen look like; what does the family room or entertainment room look like; dining room; where is it, in the city or in the country. Keep documenting until you can envision yourself walking through your house and seeing all that you want in every room. Don’t be surprised at how excited you will get …. But that is the fun of it!
Now let’s work on your career, business or professional development. Together they create your whole VISION. In the future – 10, 20, 30 years from now – what is your career? Are you working for yourself? Are you running your own business or working for someone else? Are you retired? What successes have you had? What have you done to help or inspire others around you? What rewards have come from your career? How much money do you have for retirement? What are you going to do with that money?
Add your career VISION to your dream chart or dream scrap book. Be sure to add all the words, pictures and emotions that help describe it.
Now look it over — Are you excited yet? You should be! This is your future you are working on.
This is a work in progress so keep working on your VISION and adding to the dreams and goals. Your scrap book should evolve as you go through life and your family, friends and experiences change. On a regular basis take time out to day dream, expand your VISION, and dream scrap book.
Your WHY and your VISION are very powerful in helping you shape your life and make the choices that take you in that direction. Share it with your family and loved ones. Verbalizing it makes it more real and more defined. You can weigh every choice and decision against your WHY and VISION to decide if it is helping you get to where you want to go. It puts the decisions into your hands and empowers you to drive and control your destiny. See how it works. The choices along the way are all yours!
I have been doing this for most of my life. When people or things seemed to get in my way I used my WHY and VISION to help me find a way around or over the obstacle so I could drive on! I find I have laser focus on what I want and where I am going. I don’t look to others to approve or not. I share my vision with my family and husband and we work together toward our vision. Our collaborative efforts make everything that much stronger and powerful. WOW!
You can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it. If you need someone to help or share your VISION with to help you stay focused, contact me! Don’t forget to revisit and reflect on your WHY and VISION on a regular basis. This second step helps take you further down the path to success. Wait ‘til we add the next key factor! See you next time….

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