Momentum – Continuous and consistent activity and focus creating ever growing movement to great success and prosperity.
Momentum – How do you get it and keep it?
Who can argue with the laws of physics – “Things in motion tend to stay in motion, things at rest tend to stay at rest.” Are you in motion or at rest? What does it take to get into motion, getting and keeping momentum and gaining huge long-term results?
If you can imagine it takes some significant energy and resources to get into motion but if we can create the process to get momentum started then we just need to concentrate on keeping it moving. There are some key factors required to make that happen. Adopt these and make them part of your routine, you will gain momentum and success.
First is to develop FOCUS on what you want to achieve. Your focus needs to lead you to your goals, personally and in business. Your focus must clearly drive you to your WHY and your goals in 1, 5 and 10+ years. What do you want? Revisit regularly! Don’t sacrifice long-term goals and dreams for short-term instant gratification. List your FOCUS and WHY creating the associated clarity and feelings. Feel it so you can live it! Pictures, dream boards and goal timelines are excellent tools for this.
Second, set specific TARGETS to reach your FOCUSed goals and dreams. Set targets for 10 years out, then 5 years out, then 1 year out and then every 90 days. Be very detailed, listing out personal and business targets in each section. Create SMART targets – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results oriented, and Time sensitive. Defining these on a timeline works really well. Don’t be afraid to push to reach for BIG targets.
Third is to setup a ROUTINE to help you get to those targets. Research has shown that without a routine and schedule you are less likely to make things happen. For example, I start and end my day in a specific way. I know I have control of how my day starts and ends, ensuring certain things happen without fail.
Finally, be CONSISTENT. Momentum is created when you are consistent and continue to build toward your targets and focus, while following your routine. Commitment to important activities will create building momentum, keeping the gears on motion. If you let up, you will see a drop in momentum – then you will have to start again! It takes time, be patient and enjoy the ride!
Remember MOMENTUM takes time to develop but once it does, LOOK out!! It just takes nurturing and consistent routine to keep it going! BE PATIENT!! The rewards will be endless so let’s build momentum together!

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