Do you know that you are and always will be the main
factor of your business’s success or failure?
Think about it, you are the figure head and leader for your business.
When people are assessing working with you and your business, they
are going to initially start with an assessment of you and your history.
The question is, what will they find? What will they learn? What will they
see? How will they react? Are there aspects of your personal life that
will negatively impact people’s confidence in you and your business?
If you were to review your history and track record from a 3rd party
point of view, what would be your assessment of you? Below are 3
areas that I know impact true success for business owners:
1. Your Online Presence – Do a Google search of you. Do the results
speak to your values and expertise, support your vision, walk the
walk, and talk the talk? Search all platforms and read everything that
is related to you and assess what is found.
2. Your Credit Report – Have you taken care of your credit and financial
house? Even if you have had challenges in life, have you worked hard
to reset, rebuild and overcome those things with a concrete plan?
What does your credit report say about you? Think about this
critically, if you want people to trust your business and/or give you
funds to grow, they need to have faith that you can be trusted and
responsible. You ask people to “trust” you – are you trustworthy?
3. Your Confidence and Presentation – Most people think this is
about the “external look only” or Lookin’ good! Research has
shown that it is more about the full package, inside and out.
a. Are you neat, tidy and professionally dressed? This does not
necessarily mean an expensive suit, but clean and presentable.
b. Are you confident when you speak or discuss business
matters? People want to hear that you are articulate
and concise when discussing matters in your area of
expertise, as well as confident enough to know and
acknowledge your limits and involve others when the
need arises.
Start with an assessment of the 3 areas above, change or fix where
required, and help you and your business grow and flourish. Take a
serious look and adjust YOU for your future success. Clean up your
house and show people you can ROCK the business world! Need
help, just ask! “There are lots of choices and opportunities, but
most people lack the systems and controls to get the outcomes they
want.” ~ Cheryl Dyck


Cheryl Dyck
Cheryl (“Coach”) Dyck, MBA, ISP, ITCP, IP3P
MSI Action Group
(403) 615-6440