MSi Action Group

Mentoring Solutions Inc. (MSI) • Your Consulting and Transformation Specialists 

What We Offer

  • Increased sales conversion and lead generation
  • Increased engagement with clients and successful building of long-term client relationships
  • Increased quality and effectiveness of team interaction, communication, employee retention, and team / client interaction
  • Increased cash control and predictable control systems that expand with growth
  • Decreased chaos
  • Help with planning that builds strategic, controlled growth
  • Assist with pursuit of funding, grants and investors, including the Job Grant training programs
  • Increased ability to manage self, other people and teams
  • Ability to become a leader, as opposed to a manager
  • Ability to build a management team that will be able to run the business without you
  • Increased confidence and control of time, business, finances, systems and teams
  • Effective changes, and increased engagement, in interpersonal relationships within, and outside of, the business
  • Training team increases ROI and productivity for team members
  • Training increases skills and knowledge and adaptibility fo team members
  • Increase productivity and engagement — up to 7x training costs
  • Increased understanding of roles and how to work together most efficiently and effectively
  • Increased motivation and engagement in the success of the company and individuals
  • Increased knowledge of sales, marketing, lead generation, and customer service
  • Efficiency in communication with clients and target marketing specific to client styles
  • Increased ownership, accountability and responsibility and results
  • Building training programs to develop the leadership and management skills of the team
  • Building team leadership so they can run the business without you or in your absence.
  • Company Growth 85% 85%
  • Succession Planning 78% 78%
  • Business Consulting 72% 72%

MSI Action Group


MSI Action Group strives to be THE “one stop shop”, a collaborative team of top notch professionals, that provides the best business services and solutions, from consulting and transformation specialists to concierge, from start to finish in the business cycle, that will empower business owners and entrepreneurs in achieving their professional and personal dreams, goals, success and results.


  • To be a destination Think Tank that will strategize with owners to re-engineer their processes, systems, teams and leadership in support of forward progress for the business.
  • As a business “war room”, the alliance network of experts partners with business professionals to tactically guide them from chaos and stagnation to mastery of abundance, life balance and freedom.
  • Education and services for businesses at all stages of the business cycle, provide empowerment to business leaders on all subject matters related to business success.
  • Whether you are starting out, buying a business, growing your current business or looking to retire or sell your business, our team can support your business, team and personal needs

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