Our Concierge Service

How many of you look for business products and services but struggle to find what you are looking for?

How many of you find the products and services but then they don’t deliver?

We understand that frustration and we are bringing together business owners with business products and services that have been recognized for their high quality products, service, customer service and collaborative passion to help others.

Our concierge service will assess your needs with you and help connect you with the products and services you require within out group, or we will help you find and assess the products and services to meet your needs. Quite simply, we want to help you focus ON your business and we will help you source for your needs.   Our team provides many the products and services a business needs and our network of experts provide us with an extension of products and services ready to support your business needs.runningonwheel

Our Concierge Process is simple:

  1. You contact us about a product or service you require
  2. If we have the product or service in-house our concierge will setup an appointment for you to meet with our team and assess your needs and next steps.
  3. If we do not have the product or service in-house, our concierge will connect you with three potential service providers for you to meet with.
  4. Our concierge will continue to stay connected with you to ensure your needs are being me and the suppliers are delivering on their promises. If they aren’t we will help you get that corrected or find you a different provider.

Our goal is simple: To be a connector between you, the business owner, and the business products and services you need to run your business.

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