Chelsea Dyck

Business & Data Analyst; Reporting Specialist


  • Graduated ACAD (AUArt) BFA 2015
  • Many awards and honourable mentions for her jewellery and multi-media pieces on the international stage
  • Consignment and Project Jeweller and Multi-media Textile artist and founder for Nebula Design Studio
  • Office Administrator / Manager for MSI Action Group
  • Business & Data Analyst; Reporting Specialist for MSI Action Group
  • Training in data science & programming tools (SQL & Python, Excel VBA), business analysis, data analysis, and much more.


Chelsea Dyck is our amazing Business and Data Analyst, Reporting Analyst.  She not only looks after our social media, but provides consulting services to our client who need business analysis and reporting, process and information flow efficiencies and report development.  Chelsea strong creative and analytical/mathematical/logistical skills combine to provide business analysis, data analysis and reporting for clients to support business goals, metrics and strategic plans.   Her ability to look at situations, processes and data needs and find streamlined and efficient solutions saves clients time, money and builds revenue opportunities.  Her team spirit, organizational and communication skills are a huge asset to our team.

In addition, Chelsea is a custom jeweller and textile artist and owner of Nebula Design Studio.   She has BFA from ACAD and creates custom commission pieces for clients.  Her creativity and amazing artistic talents have combined to produce pieces that have won many awards.

As an Entrepreneur

Chelsea setup her My Creative Works business while still in school at ACAD.   She now operates as Nebula Design Studio, providing uniquely designed pieces for her clients. She recognized the importance of building a proper business structure for her Jewellery and Textile business from the start. She has her standard products on her Etsy site. Learning from her mother, Cheryl Dyck, Chelsea has the entrepreneurial spirit to be the best at what she does.    Chelsea had taken her entrepreneurial skill set to the next level by working toward a data science specialization that includes business analysis, data analysis and programming.

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