Training and Workshops & Job Grant Training Programs

People Development - AB Job Grant TrainingWhether it is training one employee or many employees, training is key for development and excellence in your team.  Our team of experienced trainers, lead by head trainer Cheryl Dyck who has 30+ years training teams, can help you build the team you want and need to grow and build your business and its success.


What you get from training:

1.  Improved skills and knowledge

2.  Improved productivity and results

3.  Improved communication, behaviour and interaction between team members and external parties

4.  Improved systems and processes, including proposal and estimate documents

5.  Improve team member engagement, building teams of high performers

6. Certificate of Achievement for each complete training program

Some key training workshops and team training programs we provide are: (This is a per person pricing, large groups will get group pricing)

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    1.  Engage and Grow — workshops, 6 week and 12 week training programs to help teams build engagement and performance   Example program click here  — 12 Weeks, 30 hrs, $2625 per person (Incl GST)

    2.  Sales Fundamentals — improve the base skills and knowledge of your sales team including targetting, goal setting, performance, communication and intake processes and much more. Example Outline click here — 7 sessions, 24 hrs.  $1750 per person (Incl GST)

    3.  Operations Fundamentals — improve the base skills and knowledge of your operations teams including communication, productivity, targets and goals, systems and processes and much more.  Example Outline click here — 7 Segments, 24 hrs, $1750 per person (Incl GST)

    4.  DiSC personality training — learn more about yourself and your team and perform at a higher level with better communication

    We can combine the above programs into programs or we can deliver our standard programs and workshops or create custom training programs using combinations of the training workshops and programs we have to support the needs of your business.  Custom programs are designed for business owners to deliver the training they require for their team and to meet their business goals.    These programs can also be designed to be used in conjunction with the Job Training Grant in your province or territory.

    We create, for our clients, training programs that can use with the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Training Programs.   We can design the same training programs in other provinces and territories.   We know how to develop the programs, guide you through the grant process and deliver the training to your employees. Why not get your teams trained at 1/3 of the cost from your pocket? The Canaa AB Job Grants have the following criteria:

    1. Must be provided to employees of your business, meaning you must be paying your employees and submitting EI remittance for them.   As of summer 2017 you can also include people you will be hiring in the training programs.
    2. The Employees must be Canadian Citizens, permanent residents or people protected under the immigration and refugee protection act (Canada).
    3. Training provided by 3rd party training group.
    4. Completed within 52 weeks of a year.
    5. Completed 21 hours of training per trainee (24 hours in other provinces and territories)
    6. Grant Coverage up to $10,000 per year per trainee (If the trainee received $15000 of training, the Grant would cover $10,000, the company would cover $5000).
    7. Up to 30 trainees per company per year.
    8. Must be an incorporated business to qualify, and operating in Alberta (or province where you are applying for the grant).   Some self employed people can now apply as of summer 2017.

    Training we can provide:

      • DiSC
      • Team Profiling
      • Communication
      • Conflict management
      • Strategic Planning
      • Business Planning
      • Team Alignment / Team Building
      • Hiring / Recruiting Systems
      • 3D Talent Development
      • Leadership Effectiveness
      • Engaging Teams
      • Business Process Development
      • Financials & budgeting
      • Business KPIs and Metrics
      • Developing Effective Systems and Information Management Processes
      • Mastermind Workshop
      • Customer Service Excellence
      • Learning to Estimate Projects Effectively
      • Building proposals and estimate packages for clients
      • Managing Cash flow and forecasting
      • Activity Management – improving productivity and getting results