Rebecca Horne

Entrepreneur and Coach


  • CMBA (Certified MBA), BScFin (Finance)
  • 10+ years of experience at senior levels in Entrepreneurship, Finance and Business Strategy.
  • Professional / technical writing, marketing and teaching expertise.
  • Featured speaker at educational seminars, business groups and networking events on topics such as start-up launch strategy, tactical investor deck design, and business planning.


From a background of teaching high-school Biology and Physics, Rebecca migrated to Strategic Business Planning after a detour in Commercial Real Estate Finance and has enjoyed intensively working with a wide variety of industries and clients for over 10 years helping to bring the dreams of entrepreneurs and business owners to reality.

Before her relocation to Calgary in October 2015, Rebecca Horne consulted as Senior Advisor of Business Planning with MetaBrand, a strategic business development company that offers a complete service package to channel innovative food and beverage ideas from entrepreneurs’ imaginations to retail shelves.

With more than a decade of additional analytical experience with large companies such as Johnson Capital, Lexington Capital and NAI Global in the Commercial Real Estate and Finance industries, as well as a multitude of start-ups in many other industries, Rebecca boasts a strong background of business coaching and strategy, operations, marketing, sales, business development, financial projections, investor presentations and business plans from both an investment capital and entrepreneurial perspective. Additionally, she has experience as a founder and owner / partner in several businesses, including Lexington Capital.

Rebecca has been actively involved with several professional industry and local business development associations, including as a featured speaker for educational seminars, business groups and networking events.

Ms. Horne holds a CMBA and a BScFin (Finance) with a minor in Marketing and was first person from her degree program to ever start the business she proposed in her thesis.

Work and Family

Rebecca, her three daughters and one son enjoy a variety of activities together. A passion for volunteering led her to invest her time in the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada for multiple years as Troop Leader, Regional Council Member and Regional Media Representative. Rebecca is an avid skier, snowboarder, and certified AMGA / PCGI Rock Climbing Instructor with a passion for all things outdoors as well as an amateur musician / singer. She lived in Colorado for 15 years after spending a large majority of her life living and traveling overseas, until returning home to Canada in the fall of 2015. She also speaks German and French and is currently beginning completion of her PhD.

As an Entrepreneur and Consultant

In her solo company, Rebecca worked closely with many owner-entrepreneurs to start or grow their businesses through coaching on idea feasibility, providing professional development of strategic business and marketing plans, financial projections, investor presentations and pitches as well as coaching clients on their pitch delivery. Her start-up focused mostly on providing expertise for the rapidly-growing and highly-competitive Marijuana, Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) industry in Colorado and other U.S. states, where she sought to help “professionalize” this new industry as part of her passion, despite not being an active consumer herself.

With the experience of running her own ventures, as well as coaching entrepreneurs in running theirs, Rebecca has learned the satisfaction of finding the perfect work / life balance and believes in helping you to strategize to find that “sweet spot” for yourself. The right tactics create a place where you are working “on” your business, rather than “in” your business, allowing it to grow to a place where it successfully runs without you and you can enjoy your work and life.

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